armorelle: Dumela Nyane le Mpho_ Ke rata blog[o] ya haho le lona_ You two are bangin'_

Dumela ausi! And thank youuu

Anonymous: are you guys selling anything on ebay at the moment? x

no we now just sell on the app depop. Usernames: mpholebajoa



Anonymous: where is the white coat that mpho often wears from?

Anonymous: what do you do if a pair of jeans is too big for you?

belt them or sew them. Or just wear them baggy (mom jeans)

Anonymous: Heyyy Ladies, I absolutely adore your blog, thank you soo much your work has been so inspiring x y'all remind me so much of the Olsen twins, you two are amaazing #TeamLebajoa xx

Thank youuu!! Much Love! xx

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