uogue: how tall are you? you need to get on a runway asap! haha

Not tall enough, haha, we’re not really into modelling but thanks

mc-rimjob: you guys are truly beautiful !!! 💜

Thank you <3

Anonymous: Do you think red Brown hair suits to black women?

Yeah sure, doesn’t matter about skin colour it all just depends on how the individual styles it

bethterrance: Hello Girls, first I wanna say - love your blog, love your styles, brilliant! I'd like to know where Nyane got that black shirt with the white lace over the collar, how much it is & how to get it; you know the one she wore on the 'Beau XOXO' pages.

It was our friend’s mum’s shirt. Haha

Anonymous: what uk size are the both of you?


vblacknight: Hi there, r u gals modeling or fashion designing?

Not models but yeah we do fashion design

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