nu-2: Hey loves!! My sister and I are twins as well we love you guys ;) truly beautiful! Check out our Ebay -->> usr/lesdeux we some cool pieces you might like. Our blog can give you idea what we have :)))

Just checked it out. Really cute stuff :)

nade9: Where do you get your hair done?

We do it ourselves

lollyanna: You two are beyond beautiful and have amazing blogs and instas btw ♥ if you guys dont mind, how do you stay in shape and what are your diets?

Honestly, there isn’t a day when we don’t pig out

Anonymous: How tall are you both?

Mpho - 5’0 & Nyane - 5’2

Anonymous: wheres the beautiful black sparkly short dress that I think nyane is wearing in a post (your url) /image/68080426794

She made the dress

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